Photo of Stan Peters Author


Stan Peters is a native New Yorker. Born at a time when NYC newsstands carried eight Dailies, where people dropped change into a tin can and walked away with the news. Or, if books were your preference, maybe a mystery written in a ‘Runyan-ese’ dialectal.
When a kid’s imagination would create a new game just for the heck of it. Come Saturday, slouched in a darkened movie house totally absorbed in the visual as if a fly-on-the-wall. Movies and their stories inspired him to such a degree that once television hit an ambition was starting to appear.
With those ingrained caricatures coupled with his own creativeness eventually led Stan into a career in Advertising. It was the nearest resemblance of Hollywood and it turned out to suit his talents well. So at the ripe age of eighteen decided that Advertising was his stepping-stone toward directing feature films. Continuing his education enrolled in evening courses studying graphic design, film directing and editing at SVA. Thus setting him on his way to eventually opening an Ad Design Studio several years later.
Presently retired from NY’s hectic pace, he’s been able to transfer his visual abilities into deep-plotted, multi-character novels of his fancy.

COTTONBLOON – 2018 (under pen name S.P. Zelinsky)




Statue of Bacchus

If any of you were wondering about the statue here’s the low-down.

Back in 1967 the old Vanderbilt Hotel, located on Park Avenue and thirty-third street was being converted into condos and apartments. During the renovation process the workmen were told to remove all statuary from the center of the hotels three towers. 

A dozen or more of the terra cotta statues on the parapet were removed to improve the view from several new penthouse apartments.

Peter Claman, who worked on the project, says that he took a number of the terra cotta busts for his own use.

Others were given to an art dealer, and two wound up at the Brooklyn Museum Sculpture Garden.

I purchased him in 1971 from an Art Gallery.